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Revoke decision of demolishment Pyramid's swimming pool

We the undersigned petition the council to (1000 characters): Dear all, me and others who signed this petition are very conserned of new Portsmouth city council project about replacement current Pyramid's leisure pool and the Plaza events space with new gym, softplay etc facilities. We absolutely do not want to loose our Pyramid's pool, where many our kids have learned to swimm and where many people enjoyed their time throughout the years. This loss would irreplaceable!

Pyramid's pool is the only leisure pool with waves, slides in our area. Many people from all Portsmouth were enjoying the pool and hoping for it's refurbishment. There is no similar leisure center in Portsmouth, all other swimming pools are either cold or far.
We dont need another huge gym, they are everywhere. The water activities has incomparable value, it is great for pregnant, elderlies and for people with disabilities.

This ePetition ran from 02/10/2020 to 13/11/2020 and has now finished.

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Council response

This online petition has now ended. It received two signatures.

Your justification was based on the fact that the Pyramids is the only leisure pool in the city and that other pools are either too far away or too cold. You also expressed concern that there would be a loss of pool space for pregnant women, elderly people and people with disabilities.

It is true that there will no longer be a leisure pool in Portsmouth, but its closure was inevitable as fewer and fewer people wanted to swim at the Pyramids. The centre made a £700,000 per year loss last year and the council simply could not afford to keep it open. The only viable alternative to our plans to convert the pool into an indoor adventure centre would be to close the pool altogether.

We have successfully agreed to continue the community use agreement at Charter Community Sports Centre, and have finalised a community use agreement with the University of Portsmouth for their new centre in Ravelin Park. We are committed to providing a pool in the south east of the city, either at Eastney or Bransbury Park. With the guarantee of access to swimming pools that these three commitments provide, we are sure that the closure of the Pyramids will not affect access to swimming to any significant degree.

I share your concern about access to swimming for the groups you mention in your petition. In fact the modern facilities at the University pool and the plans for a modern new pool in the south east of the city should mean that there is much greater access to swimming pools for the pregnant, elderly or disabled. We are also planning to make access to the pool at the Mountbatten Centre easier by installing new graduated steps.

For the reasons above, as well as the low number of signatures your petition received, I am rejecting your petition and will be taking no action.

Yours sincerely,

Strategic Development Manager
Sports and Leisure