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Calisthenics Park in Portsmouth

We the undersigned petition the council to (1000 characters): Kindly request to build a Bodyweight Park so people can go and train and experience Calisthenics way of training to keep a healthy body and mind.

calisthenics or 'Street sport' is experiencing undeniable growth as an exciting, community focused way to develop incredible amounts of strength, not only in body but also in mind. Just type 'calisthenics workout' into youtube and you'll see what I mean.

The UK though has a surprising lack of dedicated calisthenics facilities in public areas for people to train and in the few places where free to use equipment is available it's usually not really effective.

A calisthenics area is low maintenance, it's essentially a collection of horizontal and vertical bars, it's easy for people of all levels to train and available for anyone who wishes to improve their fitness and strength at no financial cost to them.

This petition is to kindly ask Portsmouth City Council to build a calisthenics park for the community in the Southsea area as this location is extremely popular with regular exercisers.

Please sign and share this petition and lets make this happen. Thank you

This ePetition ran from 31/05/2019 to 12/07/2019 and has now finished.

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