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Bring back public toilets at Kingston Rec

We the undersigned petition the council to (1000 characters): provide toilet and baby/child changing facilities at Kingston Rec

Kingston Rec has undergone a fantastic transformation recently. Huge amounts of people have been coming from across Portsmouth not just the surrounding area to enjoy the new playground.
The issue that has been frustrating parents/carers is that there are not any public toilets close by. (The previous public toilets at the rec were closed in 2013). The closest toilets at present are at Fratton Community Centre which is approximately a 10 minute walk away with children in tow. This is really not ideal and can mean that people don't stay as long as they would like to.
Kingston Rec is a wonderful space as a whole and it would be brilliant for all the people enjoying it to have a public toilet and baby/child changing facility on site again.

This ePetition ran from 06/06/2018 to 01/10/2018 and has now finished.

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Council response

We would like to start by saying what a fantastic job Fratton Big Local have done with their improvements to Kingston Rec.

The new play equipment has transformed the space and made it so much better for families. My 2 kids absolutely love it

We know how annoying it is for the people using Kingston Rec, that their children can get ‘caught short’ and need the loo and the lack of toilets currently available in the immediate vicinity is a real issue.

When Fratton Big Local began work on the project, myself, Councillor David Fuller and former Councillor Julie Bird were told that there was a discussion taking place within the previous administration to restore a toilet provision in the cemetery across the road. We decided that we would wait to see if this developed.

I had a discussion with Fratton Big Local, who didn’t want an argument between politicians of all sides about where toilets would be provided to distract from the positive work being undertaken to improve the Rec.

We then began to investigate a way to be able to provide toilets in the Rec, rather than the cemetery, as I think they are better sited there.

The other issue which needed to be addressed, was around what type of new toilets would be suitable, given the history of anti-social behaviour in the old toilet block that previously existed on the site and was a major cause of concern for local residents.
We are particularly keen to explore the possibility of a combined retail kiosk / toilet unit, as the kiosk operator could then oversee the toilets and reduce the need for the council to have to find additional revenue funding to service them.
This model has been used elsewhere, including an innovative design in Porirua in New Zealand but there are more straightforward options available from UK based suppliers.

We are expecting a final set of costings back within the next 2 weeks and are happy to update members once we have identified an appropriate design and location which provides easy access to electricity and water services.

Thank you to Mrs Coles for bringing the community petition to the Council, as she may be aware, I have actually signed it myself and I look forward to updating the local community on the progress very soon.