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Save Hanway Medical Practice

Hanway Medical Practice is in danger of closure

This surgery has been in the heart of Buckland's community for over 50 years and serves a patient list of 14,000 people.
I want the partners of Hanway Medical Practice to consider all options to keep it open.

On reaching 1000 signatures a full council debate will be held.

This Paper petition ran from 01/11/2019 to 23/01/2020 and has now finished.

1390 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

The City Council welcomes the petition and shares the concern that local residents have about the loss of the Hanway Rd Surgery.
The Leader of the City Council, the Cabinet Member for Health,Wellbeing and Social Care and representatives from the Clinical Commissioning Group and the City Council Property Team have met with the current partners at Hanway Rd and with a partner from the Portsdown Practice.
Two of the current Hanway Road partners are retiring, leaving just 1.5 GPs for this practice. They have attempted to recruit additional partners for several years, but they have been unsuccessful. Running the practice with just 1.5 GPs is not considered safe by the practice or the CCG. Because they have not been successful in recruiting new GPs the current system cannot continue.
The City Council has offered to try to help by purchasing the current surgery. While the Portsdown Group have said that they would not continue the use of Hanway Road they have, at Cllr Matthew Winnington's suggestion, indicated that they are willing to providing some primary healthcare services close to the current surgery. The City Council will work with them on this.
Over the next 10 years there is a looming problem of GPs working in Portsmouth. Many are coming up to retirement age, and as the Hanway Practice has shown it is difficult to recruit new GPs to come to work in some parts of the city.
Therefore the City Council will organise a three way conference between the CCG (on behalf of the NHS), GPs and the City Council to come up with a strategy to make sure GP services are provided across the city, especially in areas of deprivation.
One thing is clear, NHS Property is seen by GPs as an obstacle to providing good health services. The City Council Property Team will therefore work with GPs and the CCG to see if the City Council can help preserve health provision in areas of the City. The first test of this will be establishing the right property ownership model at the John Pounds Centre Surgery in Portsea to ensure the continued provision of community health services from this location and we are testing out how a joint approach with the CCG and a more direct relationship between practices and the council will work.