Issue - decisions

Southsea Transport Hub

19/01/2023 - Southsea Transport Hub

Abi Kelly, Senior Project Manager, presented the report.


She updated that the proposal sits on the boundary of St Jude's Ward and St Thomas ward and not Central Southsea as stated in the report.  A map of the area had also been produced and circulated.


Member's questions

In response to Member's questions, officers clarified:


·         The feasibility plan will consider the development of the plans and concepts and will consider funding opportunities as the scheme progressed.  This funding may be internal or external.


·         Portsmouth City Council own the land with the Crown Estates owning the seafront and the beach.  PCC will work with Hover Travel in terms of any land arrangements in the future.


·         The department will work parallel to the Coastal Partnership Scheme who are aiming to complete that part of the scheme in 2026 - 2027.    This provides a good opportunity to join forces with them for design and construction.


·         EV charging points and the nearby car park will be considered as part of the feasibility scheme.


Members' comments

Members considered this a very important project but noted the need for SMART measurable targets to be included which will provide clarity for officers, members and residents.


Members were happy for the feasibility to go ahead.




The Cabinet Member for Traffic & Transportation noted the report