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Adult Social Care Charging Arrangements

30/07/2020 - Adult Social Care Charging Arrangements


Adult Social Care Charging Arrangements


a.    Agreed to reinstate a financial cap for Day Care, Community Support and Health & Independence Services, (Subject to recommendations (b) and (c) below).


b.    Agreed that a financial cap of £250.00 be applied from Monday 06 April 2020.


c.    Agreed that the implementation of a financial cap will on a temporary basis, until the publication and implementation of the anticipated government reforms of the financial arrangements for the Adult Social Care sector and how people fund their care and their eligibility for financial support from Local Authorities in the future.


d.    Agreed that the Chief of Health & Care Portsmouth be asked to identify and implement alternative income or savings strategies in order to offset any lost income in 2020-21 and future years, and enable Adult Social Care to maintain a balanced budget.