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Housing Energy Strategy

05/11/2019 - Home Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy

The Cabinet:


(1)       noted the successful work already taking place in Portsmouth to improve home energy and water efficiency, and reduce household bills.


(2)       noted the contribution that this strategy can make towards achieving the council's goal of becoming carbon neutral, and increasing water efficiency to mitigate the impact of nitrate levels.


(3)       approved the draft strategy for publication, and has the goal of working together with our residents and stakeholders in the city to ensure that everyone understands the help that is available and can meet their energy needs, to make Portsmouth a fairer, healthier and more prosperous city.


(4)       asked officers to begin a two month period of consultation on the draft strategy, engaging with residents, stakeholders and partner organisations who can contribute to shaping and delivering the strategy.


(5)       asked officers to lead on the development of a detailed action plan to achieve the strategic objectives, with timescales and measures to assess progress and drive improvement.


(6)       asked officers to deliver a marketing and communication campaign around home energy and water efficiency that can engage residents in all demographic groups, across housing types and tenures, to inform and inspire them to take up the opportunities on offer.