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Southsea Flood Defences - Funding

08/10/2019 - Southsea Coastal Flood Defence amendment to Capital Programme

RECOMMENDED to Council that:


(1)       In order to close the existing funding gap, the Council approve an amendment to the Capital Programme and increase the total Southsea Coastal Flood Defence budget to £131m to be funded by additional Environment Agency Grant of £24m and, if required, Corporate Capital Resources of £17m.


(2)       That delegated responsibility be given to the Director of Regeneration and the S.151 Officer to investigate alternative funding sources between now and when this additional funding in recommendation 1 is actually required in order to mitigate the potential reduction in the Corporate Capital Resources available for future Capital Investment elsewhere across the City should the £17m be required and to amend the Capital Programme as necessary. 


(As a referral to Council this is not subject to call-in)