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Future school funding arrangements 2019-20

23/10/2018 - Future school funding arrangements 2019-20



The report was introduced by Beverley Pennekett, Finance Manager.  She referred to Appendix 1 and advised the NFF value for prior attainment should read £1,022 and not £1,050.  With regard to the disapplication requests, she added that they had recently submitted a further request in respect of Mayfield which largely mirrors the disapplication shown in the report.  A report will come back to the next meeting seeking formal approval for this. 


In response to a question regarding the disapplication for Charter, Beverley explained that if approval is received, 600 pupils will continue to be protected at -1.5% of their current rates.  Any pupils above that number would receive the appropriate formula funding for that school without the protection.  Protection for 600 pupils will stay with that school until it dissipates. 


Councillor Horton thanked officers for all their work on the report


DECISION: The Cabinet Member:

(1)  Noted the Department for Education's proposed changes to school revenue funding arrangements for 2019-20 as set out in this report.

(2) Approved the proposals for implementing the funding formula arrangements locally as set out in this report; in particular:

·         Schools block will remain intact as set out in paragraph 4.3;

·         Minimum per pupil funding levels will be implemented at the recommended rates as set out in paragraph 4.6;

·         To keep those unit values which do not already match the NFF rates under review and amend if necessary, following confirmation of the overall funding allocation as set out in paragraph 4.9;

·         The criteria for allocating growth funding will be reviewed in the spring term as set out in paragraph 5.3;

·         The disapplication requests as set out in section 6.