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Arundel Court Primary School - Priority School Building Programme Round 2 EFA project

10/03/2017 - Arundel Court Primary School - Priority School Building Programme Round 2 EFA project



The report was introduced by Mike Stoneman, Deputy Director of Children's Services - Education. 


Councillor Young advised that he had received two written representations in support of the proposal from Councillor Stephen Morgan, ward councillor and from Flick Drummond, MP for Portsmouth South.  These were circulated to the opposition spokespeople during the meeting.


Councillor Young said the layout of the school was not ideal with children having to go through other classrooms to get to the toilets for example. He felt it was fantastic that the council had been successful in obtaining the bid to the EFA as part of the Priority School Building Programme and felt that the school had real potential to become an outstanding school. 


Councillor Denny asked about the timescale for the project.  Mike Stoneman advised that the feasibility works were taking place this year which would then be reported back to the EFA.  The building works would take place early next year.  To minimised disruption, the new building would first be built on the existing playing field and once completed the old building would be demolished and turned into the new playing field.  

The Cabinet Member:

(a)  Noted and acknowledged the projects and their associated budget requirements within the current capital sufficiency programme for primary expansion, together with the £1.9m of funds available to be allocated, as shown at Appendix 3

(b)  Approved the re-allocation of capital funding in order to:

·         Meet the costs of the associated capital works to increase the capacity of the school from 2.5 Form Entry (FE) to a 3 FE (an increase of 105 places) at a cost of £1.07m;

·         Replace the three temporary classrooms and ensure the new build accommodates the associated places at a cost of £528,000.