Agenda item

17/00250/FUL - Land bounded by Queen Street, Havant Street, Old Star Place and Wickham Street Portsmouth - Construction of building comprising 4991 sqm of floorspace (GEA) for ground floor restaurant (class a3) and 120-bedroom hotel (class c1) on six upper floors (after demolition of existing buildings) (report item 4)


The planning officer introduced the report and reported in the supplementary matters list that condition 20 requires a minor correction, to refer to drawing revision D (not C). 


Deputations were then heard whose points are summarised:


Mr David Nesbitt FRICS, Chairman of Trustees of the Royal Maritime Club, objecting whose points included:

·         The development would create serious transport and parking issues. The location is close to lots of attractions and the existing car parking spaces are already utilised.

·         Prospect of local parking issues including unauthorised parking at nearby premises including the Royal Maritime Club.

Mr John Alderson, General Manager at the Royal Maritime Club, objecting whose points included:

·         The proposed main entrance to the hotel is where Queen Street narrows and there is no provision for guest drop off/pick up without blocking the cycle lane. 

·         Has no issues with the proposed location of the restaurant and bar entrance.

·         The location is on a busy corner where buses and traffic turn and this development would create driver distraction.

·         120 bedrooms could mean up to 240 additional pedestrians, where will the footfall go?

·         The proposed location of the fire escape emerges onto the street corner.  It would be more sensible for this to exit onto Old Star Place.

·         7 storey building which will overshadow existing buildings and not be sympathetic to the area.

Mr Mark Thackery, Agent from Walsingham Planning whose points included:

·         The applicant has worked closely with the planning department for over a year to get to the stage of feeling confident to present this to committee.

·         The site is allocated for dense development and a hotel is acceptable for this site.

·         All PCC standards have been applied to the application.

·         A travel plan has been included with the application which makes sure that people who are pre booking know where car parks and train stations are located to ensure minimal disruption.

Mr Neil Rowe, on behalf of the applicant Premier Inn Hotels, whose points included:

·         Within 400m of the site there are 2,300 car parking spaces. 

·         The application is in accordance with the PCC parking standards SPD.

·         Does not conflict with retail parking.

·         Dedicated loading bay to the rear of the site and there will be two 30 minute delivery slots a day. 

·         The on-street parking spaces will be retained.



Members' Questions

In response to questions the following matters were clarified:

·         The windows will be made from power coated aluminium.  Windows will be fixed and not openable and it was felt that not having bars would make the windows more simple and attractive. The design review panel did not discuss the windows, their concerns focussed on the bulk of the building. 

·         With regard to the materials, all grey areas on the proposed images would be Portland stone cladding, including the curve onto Old Star Place and the upper floors.

·         The drainage arrangements were clarified; the drainage team were satisfied that alternative drainage provision was available and this was subject to details to follow. Condition 16 related to the drainage and would also cover details of a green roof.  Officers would not discharge the conditions without first consulting with Southern Water.

·         It was clarified that none of the buildings that would be demolished were locally or statutory listed and they are all considered to be in a poor state of repair.   

·         It was clarified that there are coach loading bays further along Queen Street outside the Ship and Castle. 

·         Officers were confident that if the emergency services are required that there is enough space on Queen Street for them to access the site. 

·         Provision for nesting boxes was covered under condition 13.  Officers did not yet have the detailed scheme but would ask the applicant to ensure that nesting boxes are included to form part of the biodiversity scheme. 

·         The applicant would use an appropriate ecological specialist to deal with matters such as ensuring that demolition of the existing buildings will not take place during bat breeding season.


Members' Comments
Members' thought that this was a great scheme and liked the proposed design of the building.
  It was felt that the area is well served by car parks and also the newly developed Hard Interchange and this would help the city's accommodation need during large events taking place in the city. 

RESOLVED that conditional permission be granted, subject to the conditions listed in the City Development Manager's report.