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Tuesday, 14th January, 2020 2.00 pm

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Number of Council Meetings held this Municipal Year pdf icon PDF 179 KB

As Members are aware, in the lead up to the General Election and with cross party support, the Council meetings scheduled for November and December 2019 were cancelled.


The Council is therefore asked to note that it will not be possible, without holding an additional unscheduled ordinary meeting before the end of the municipal year, to meet the requirement of the locally determined Standing Order 6.


Standing Order 6 states that in addition to the Annual General meeting (AGM), normal meetings for the transaction of general business shall be held at least six times in each year - the Council will consequently meet 5 times this year, including the scheduled 11 February and 17 March 2020 Council meetings, but excluding the AGM.


The Council agreed its programme of meetings in compliance with Standing Order 8 at the last AGM. Therefore the programme would need to be altered by the Council if an additional unscheduled meeting was sought by Members.

Notices of Motion: Process information

Standing Order (32(d)) requires a vote by members before each motion to determine whether or not the motion is to be debated at the meeting or stand referred to the Cabinet or relevant Committee (including Scrutiny) to report back to a future meeting.


Notices of Motion


Sure Start Centres - Family Hubs

Proposed by Councillor Claire Udy

Seconded by Councillor Jeanette Smith


The 2010-2015 coalition government took a decision to remove the ring-fenced funding for Sure Start Centres and Local Councils began to reduce funding to such an extent that many closed. In Portsmouth Sure Start Centres now renamed Family Hubs go far beyond providing high quality early years childcare as they are at the heart of local communities across the city and provide a life line for many new parents.


The Council reaffirms its commitment to Family Hubs across the city and asks the Cabinet to commit to continue to support these valuable community services with dedicated ring-fenced funding.


Wave Trust

Proposed by Councillor Jeanette Smith

Seconded by Councillor Claire Udy


It is estimated that as much as 40% of all spending on public services is accounted for by interventions that could have been avoided by prioritising a preventive approach to early years development.


Wave Trust is an independent organisation that wishes to pilot their preventive and integrated approach in Portsmouth. This has already been well received by group leaders.


Council calls on the cabinet to look into a feasibility study of the project led by officers in Early Years/Voluntary Sector into whether this is right for the city and can aid with a more preventative and integrated approach to early years.


Reinstatement of Learning Disability Day Care Cap pdf icon PDF 6 KB

Proposed by Councillor Terry Norton

Seconded by Council Luke Stubbs


The removal of the cap on the cost of day care for learning disability clients is having a disproportionate effect on a small number of families. The Cabinet member report on 25th September 2018 identified four clients who face contributions in excess of £200-a-week and, although not documented in that report, there is at least one family facing contributions of nearly £500-a-week. This is a very significant burden.


Moreover, the highest level of contributions is expected from people whose families have put aside significant sums to cover for their child’s benefit. Some clients only have what appears to be a good level of savings because their parents have made provision for them so they can have some of the extras in life and can enjoy a good standard of living. These families did not do this in order to take on costs that would otherwise automatically fall to the council.


This council believes that the removal of the day care cap has been unfair in its effect. It therefore calls on the Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Social Care to reinstate the previous policy of limiting contributions to a set maximum level.


Action on Carbon reduction pdf icon PDF 132 KB

Proposed by Councillor Judith Smyth

Seconded by Councillor George Fielding


Portsmouth City council agreed the Climate Emergency motion unanimously on 19 March 2019. In order to achieve net zero carbon by 2030 we need to accelerate progress especially by taking immediate action to progress low cost projects and by making allocations of capital and revenue where possible in the Council budget for 2020/21.


The Cabinet therefore be asked to include outline business plans for new capital and revenue proposals that will demonstrably accelerate the implementation of the climate emergency motion in the forthcoming council budget for consideration by the next full council.


This will include the following low cost actions listed below


1.         Actively working with Local authorities who are ahead of Portsmouth in carbon reduction to learn from others, avoid the cost of ‘inventing the wheel’ and adopt proven strategy and policy documents where appropriate. For example, Southampton already have a Clean Air strategy.

2.         Calling a cross party working group to make affordable recommendations for the 2020/21 budget (low cost)

3.         To convene a cross party working group to work with the Climate change board and oversee the development of a strategy and action plans to implement the agreed Climate emergency motion including an Integrated transport strategy (low cost)

4.         Considering raising car parking charges (potentially income generating)

5.         Considering charging large employers for off road parking spaces rather than incentivising commuting by car (potentially income generating)

6.         Examining the feasibility and cost benefits of different ways of commissioning buses and bus operators to accelerate the provision of greener buses and to retain surpluses for reinvestment in local bus services (initial work low cost)

7.         Develop and Incorporate new must do requirements to require carbon reduction in Portsmouth into all contracts and partnership agreements so that no organisation can work to or with the city council without contributing to carbon reduction (low cost).

8.         Introduce a carbon reduction kitemark and accessible list of approved businesses for local business that is eligible and signs up in return for the free advertising the scheme provides. Link this to a carbon information website. (Low cost)

Additional documents:


The City Council notes that many doctors surgeries in Portsmouth have closed over the last few years pdf icon PDF 198 KB

Proposed by Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Seconded by Councillor Matthew Winnington


The city council notes that many doctors' surgeries in Portsmouth have closed over the last few years.


Now both The Devonshire and Hanway Rd surgeries are threatened with closure.


Portsmouth has a significant problem in the next few years as more GPs retire and there are significant problems recruiting GPs to work in the city.


The City Council therefore opposes the closure of these doctors' surgeries, and will therefore contact local MPs and the Secretary of State for Health to lobby for the funding and staffing to keep these surgeries kept open.


The City Council may also have a constructive role and asks the Cabinet to investigate ways in which the City Council can invest in health centres and to provide all the backroom services so new doctors who don’t want to buy into a GPs business can be attracted to work in Portsmouth.

Additional documents:


Public Fireworks Displays pdf icon PDF 7 KB

Proposed by Councillor Graham Heaney

Seconded by Councillor Tom Coles


This Council resolves to ask Cabinet:


To require all public firework displays within the local authority boundary to be advertised in advance of the event, allowing residents to take precautions for their animals and vulnerable people.


To actively promote a public awareness campaign about the impact of fireworks on animal welfare and vulnerable people, including precautions that can be taken to mitigate risks.


To write to the UK Government urging them to introduce legislation to limit the maximum noise level of fireworks to 90dB for those sold to the public for private displays.


To encourage local suppliers of fireworks to stock ‘quieter’ fireworks for public display.


Podiatry Services

Proposed Councillor Leo Madden

Seconded Councillor Steve Pitt


This council is concerned that Solent NHS Trust intends to centralise podiatry services on the St Mary's Hospital site.


Their intention is to close the podiatry services to Portsmouth residents at Cosham Health Centre, Eastney Health Centre, Lake Road Health Centre and Paulsgrove Healthy Living Centre.


Around 7,000 residents use this service and many will be greatly inconvenienced - not least those living farthest away from St Mary's Hospital - by having to travel to the St Mary's site.


Council calls on Solent NHS Trust to retain the podiatry services in their locations, and upgrade these buildings, where necessary.


Questions from Members under Standing Order No 17 pdf icon PDF 205 KB