Cabinet Member for Culture & City Development
Friday, 20th March, 2020 10.00 am

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Declarations of interests


Directorate Business Plan pdf icon PDF 147 KB

Purpose of report


This report provides a summary of the priorities, risks, key performance indicators and vision of Culture, Leisure and Regulatory Services in Portsmouth City Council.




(1)  That the Cabinet Member for Culture and City Development approves the key priorities and targets set in the business plan.


(2)  That the Cabinet Member for Culture and City Development approves the business plan for 2020-2023 after which we will provide a newly formatted plan reflecting the focus of emerging priorities at the next appropriate meeting.


Additional documents:


Progress on the Landing Craft Tank Project pdf icon PDF 155 KB

Purpose of report


To inform Members on the progress of the Landing Craft Tank 7074 Project which is being delivered in partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy. 



(1)  That the Cabinet Member formally confirms the council's match funding for the project that is £84,000 and approves the addition of £12,000.


That the Cabinet Member in addition notes:


(2)  The achievements of the project thus far.


(3)  Outstanding risks to the project with regard to the programme and cost.


(4)  Funding and other contributions made by the council in support of the project.


(5)  The future role of the council and its partner the National Museum of the Royal Navy in the operation of the Landing Craft Tank as part of the D-Day Story museum.



Additional documents:


Hotwalls Studios Lease and Rental Model pdf icon PDF 519 KB

Purpose of report


This report outlines the background and current operational model for the Hotwalls Studios and details the recommendations for a revised lease period and rental model at the Hotwalls Studio site.





(1)  That the Cabinet Member for Culture and City Development:


(2)  Approves the new maximum period of 6 years tenancy and this tenancy consist of two 3 year leases.


(3)  Agrees existing tenants also have a maximum term of 6 years.


(4)   Agrees that the revised rental model is applied from April 2021 and for all current tenants renewing in that year.


(5)  Approves that the new notice period in the lease to increase by one month to 3 months' notice period, for both parties.


(6)  Agrees to continue the current two tier rental model based on square footage.



Additional documents:


Great South Run pdf icon PDF 156 KB

Purpose of report


To outline to the Cabinet Member the proposal for new contract between the Council and Nova International following the completion of the current contract to deliver the Great South Run after the 2020 event.


RECOMMENDED that officers are authorised to enter into negotiations with Nova International to continue to hold the Great South Run in Portsmouth with a new contract in order to retain this iconic event in the city.


Additional documents:


Victorious Festival Update Report pdf icon PDF 157 KB

Purpose of report


To update the Cabinet Member on the findings of the value of Victorious Festival to the city including economic benefits and to seek to bring the length of the contract into line with other contracts we have for large-scale events.




(1)  To acknowledge the economic benefit and added value that Victorious Festival brings to Portsmouth.        


(2)To extend the contract which Victorious Festival are due to commence with the council on 1st January 2021 by a further 3 years to a total of 10 years so it is in line with the contract duration of other large-scale events.


Additional documents:


Charter Community Sports Centre (Information item) pdf icon PDF 513 KB

Purpose of report

To update the Cabinet Member on the future community use of Charter Community Sports Centre.



Exclusion of Press and Public

RECOMMENDED that Cabinet Member adopt the following motion:


“That, under the provisions of Section 100A of the Local Government

Act, 1972 as amended by the Local Government (Access to Information)

Act, 1985, the press and public be excluded for the consideration of the

following item on the grounds that the report(s) contain information

defined as exempt in Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government

Act, 1972”.


The public interest in maintaining the exemption must outweigh the

public interest in disclosing the information.


Under the Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and

Access to Information) England Regulations 2012, regulation 5, the

reasons for exemption of the listed item will follow.


Members of the public may make representation as to why the item

should be held in open session. A statement of the Council’s response

to representations received will be given at the meeting so that this can

be taken into account when members decide whether or not to deal with

the item under exempt business.


(NB The exempt/confidential committee papers on the agenda will

contain information which is commercially, legally or personally

sensitive and should not be divulged to third parties. Members are

reminded of standing order restrictions on the disclosure of exempt

information and are invited to return their exempt documentation to the

Local Democracy Officer at the conclusion of the meeting for shredding.)



Groundlings Theatre



Groundlings Theatre report pdf icon PDF 339 KB

Report to follow.

Additional documents: