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Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing & Social Care
Thursday, 5th July, 2018 10.00 am

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Councillor George Fielding sent his apologies for absence.


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Adult Social Care Staff Bandings pdf icon PDF 325 KB


The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the proposed strategic direction for Adult Social Care, how this relates to the service working toward achieving financial balance and the impact of requests that have gone through the Job Evaluation Questionnaire, (JEQ) process relating to posts within Adult Social Care, (ASC) in relation to the finance strategy.


RECOMMENDED that the Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing & Social Care note the report.


Andy Biddle, Acting Deputy Director, Adult Social Care introduced the report.


In response to questions from Councillor Winnington, he explained that in accordance with the council's policy staff initiate the Job Evaluation process and their manager agrees that the job description submitted is an accurate approximation of their role.


The moderated bandings set out in the report are subject to the Felt Fair Panel's decision.  If these change, the bandings and associated costs would be published in the Members' Information Service bulletin.


Councillor Luke Stubbs commented that it seemed that as some of the staff in children's social care's pay had been upgraded, those in adult's social care have to be too.  The problem is that there is no increased budget to cover this.  Adult Social Care received a £1.5m grant this year but there remains £0.5m worse underlying position.  It will be difficult to make the identified additional savings.  However, staff must be paid on a consistent basis.


Councillor Winnington agreed that the council has a duty to pay staff on a consistent basis.  He also noted that the job evaluation process is a staff-led process in line with the council's policy.  The whole serve might have to be reviewed in future.  Staff were thanked for setting out the savings that had been made.  He was pleased that staff are working outside of silos with partners and across departments.  This had led to better lives for residents and increased savings because the care is provided at the appropriate level.



The Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing & Social Care noted the report.


Harry Sotnick House Transition Update pdf icon PDF 91 KB

This report will follow.


Richard Webb, Finance Manager introduced the report.  


In response to a question from Councillor Winnington he confirmed that the council has made provision to meet the costs.


There are a number of initial assumptions transition to operation by Hampshire.  The model will be reviewed and updated as the council works with Hampshire to identify the most efficient operating methodology.



The Cabinet Member noted the report.


Councillor Winnington also stated his thanks and appreciation to the NHS on its 70th anniversary.