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Wednesday, 15th February, 2017 4.30 pm

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Minutes and matters arising from the previous meeting held on 18 January 2017. pdf icon PDF 100 KB


2017 - 2018 Early years funding arrangements. pdf icon PDF 1 MB



The purpose of this report is to inform and seek endorsement from Schools Forum for the proposed funding arrangements for 2017-18 in respect of 2, 3 and 4 year olds, and to seek endorsement for the corresponding amendments to the 2017-18 Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) Budget; to reflect the changes to the Early Years DSG funding allocation and related expenditure budgets.



It is recommended that School Members and the Early Years representative:

a. Note the changes made by the Department for Education to the Early Years national funding formula, following the results of the national consultation which closed on 22 September 2016, as summarised within this report.


b. Note the results of the local consultation with early years providers as set out in Appendix 1.


c. Endorse the proposed local early years funding formula for 3 and 4 year olds, as set out within this report.


d. Endorse the proposed changes to the local 2 year old funding arrangements for 2017-18 as set out within the report.


e. Note the work being undertaken by the Early Years Team to ensure providers are aware of potential future levels of funding, and to help providers develop their service provision to enable them to mitigate the impact of any potential reductions in funding.


f. Agree the funding held centrally to support the determination of the eligibility of early years pupils for prescribed early years provision, early years pupil premium and free schools meals.


g. Endorse the proposed changes to the Dedicated Schools Grant Budget for 2017-18 as set out in Appendix 3.



Dedicated schools grant budget monitoring for the third quarter 2016-17. pdf icon PDF 177 KB


To inform the Schools Forum of the projected revenue expenditure within the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) for the current financial year 2016-17 as at the end of December 2016.



That the Schools Forum notes the forecast year-end budget position for the Dedicated Schools Grant as at the end 31st December 2016, together with the associated explanations contained within this report.



Future school revenue funding arrangements. pdf icon PDF 848 KB


The purpose of this report is to provide Schools Forum with an initial summary and impact assessment, of the proposals contained within the stage 2 'school national funding formula' consultation issued by the Department for Education

(DfE) on the 14th December 2016.



It is recommended that Schools Forum:

a.    Note the Department for Education's proposed changes to the school funding arrangements and the potential impact of these changes, as set out within this report; and in particular that:



i. 2018-19 will be a transitional year. Funding to Local Authorities will be allocated on a national formula basis, but Local Authorities will continue to distribute funding to schools based on a local formula.


ii. The 'Schools Block' funding will be ring-fenced within the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG).


iii. The creation of a new 'Central Schools Services Block' which will include the 'retained duties' element of the Education Services Grant (ESG).


iv. The introduction in 2018-19 of a formulaic method for distributing High Needs funding from central to local government.


v. The mechanism for allocating place funding to Resourced Units will be changing.


vi. The proposed flexibility for local authorities to transfer funds, from the funding schools are due to receive through the schools formula to their high needs budget



vii. The implementation of a single National Funding Formula from 2019-20 (at a school level), with funding being passed directly by the Education Funding Agency.


b. Endorse the proposed draft submission of the response to stage 2, of the Department for Education's consultation, as shown at Appendix 1; subject to finalisation of the responses indicated



Any other business.