Schools Forum - Wednesday, 21st October, 2015 4.30 pm

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Proposed Future Meeting Dates.

·         20 January 2016

·         24 February 2016

·         13 July 2016

·         19 October 2016



Minutes and Matters Arising From the Previous Meeting - 15 July 2015. pdf icon PDF 82 KB


School Revenue Funding Arrangements 2016-17. pdf icon PDF 174 KB


The purpose of this report is to inform the Schools Forum of the progress being made towards the implementation of changes to the school revenue funding arrangements for 2016-17 and to seek endorsement for the first stage of the submission to the Department for Education (DfE) of the 2016-17 budget proforma.


Recommended that Schools Forum:

a)    Endorse the principles proposed by the Working Groups in Appendices 1 and 2 to guide and inform the funding arrangements for 2016-17.


b)    Endorse, that following confirmation of the 2016-17 Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG), officers will amend the unit values to minimise the impact of fluctuations in funding at the school level and to maintain overall affordability.  In order to provide schools with some certainty, where possible any changes will be limited to the following formula factors:

·         Basic Per Pupil Entitlement

·         Prior attainment

·         Lump Sum

·         The percentage of the financial cap


c)    Endorse the proposed changes to the mainstream funding formula factors, together with the choices that the Council has made in implementing these factors locally, as detailed at paragraph 4.6.


d)    Endorse the submission of the draft proforma to the DfE as the first stage

of the 2016-17 school revenue funding formula process.


e). Agree by phase, (maintained primary and secondary schools) to the de-delegation of the following budgets for central administration in 2016-17.



De-Delegation Proposed

Expenditure Item



Administration of free school meals eligibility






Special Staff Costs: Union Duties Only



Schools Contingency Fund



Behaviour Support



Museum & Library Services





f)     Endorse the proposed Growth Fund criteria for 2016-17 as set out in Section 5 of the attached consultation document.



g)    Note that subject to the guidance awaited from the DfE and the results of the work being undertaken by the Inclusion Commissioning Manager the authority is not proposing to make changes to High Needs place numbers or Element 3 Top-up funding for Special Schools, Resource Units and Alternative Provision settings for 2016-17.


h)   Endorse the MFG exemptions submitted to the DfE by the required deadline of 30 September 2015 as set out in paragraph 5.3.

Additional documents:


Scheme for Financing Schools. pdf icon PDF 232 KB


This report outlines the proposed changes to the Scheme for Financing Schools which reflect the revisons required by the Department for Educaiton (DfE) and have been consulted with schools.


RECOMMENDED that the Schools Forum approve the revised Scheme for Financing Schools.



Additional documents:


Childcare Sufficiency. pdf icon PDF 185 KB


This report updates the Schools Forum with the local authority progress in meeting the childcare sufficiency duty related to funded 2 year olds.


RECOMMENDED that the Schools Forum:


1.    Note the progress in expanding the sufficiency of 2 year old places.

2.    Endorse the allocation of £51,000 form the Dedicated Schools Grant 2014-15 carry forward to be used to continue the expansion of the 2 year old provision in the city.



Dedicated Schools Grant Budget Monitoring report for the First Quarter 2015 - 2016. pdf icon PDF 151 KB


To inform the Schools Forum of the projected revenue expenditure within the Dedicated Schools Grant for the current financial year 2015-16.  This report sets out the forecast budget position for the year-end as at the end of June 2015.


RECOMMENDED that the Schools Forum notes the forecast year-end budget position as at the end of quarter 1, for the Dedicated Schools Grant, together with the associated explanations, as detailed in section 4 of the report.



School Term Dates pdf icon PDF 8 KB

Mike Stoneman, Strategic Commissioning Manager will present the attached note.


RECOMMENDED that the Schools Forum note the supplementary information.


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