Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) - Wednesday, 26th June, 2019 4.30 pm

Venue: King's Church, Somer's Road, Portsmouth PO5 4AQ (in the Small Hall)

Contact: Joanne Wildsmith (023) 9283 4057  Email:

No. Item


Welcome and Introductions


Apologies for Absence


Moment for Quiet Reflection

Revd Sam Duddles to lead.


Membership update

To note the resignation of Major Teresa Everett, Salvation Army (Group A) and the forthcoming resignation of Sarah Sadler (Group C) from July 2019.


Councillor Tom Coles has been appointed by Portsmouth City Council as one of the 2 elected members for Group D (with Councillor Suzy Horton).


To note the appointment of Debbie Lucas (Group C, Secondary Rep).


Ryan Brent is no longer a PCC representative but is eligible for invitation as a co-opted member of SACRE should the SACRE wish to make this appointment.


As there have been several changes to membership over the last year Patricia Hannam, the Professional Adviser, is considering running a training session in Portsmouth.




Declaration of Members' Interests

Members are asked to identify any pecuniary, prejudicial or personal interests on any matters on the agenda.


Note: Should any indication of an interest arise during the meeting, members are asked to declare at that time, as soon as is practicable.


Minutes of the Previous meeting held on 20 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 155 KB

RECOMMENDED the SACRE agrees the minutes of the previous meeting held 20 March 2019 as a correct record.


Matters Arising from the minutes

Members may raise any matters from the minutes that are not otherwise identified on the agenda.


Brief updates or notification of items to be brought to a future meeting


Monitoring Group Report pdf icon PDF 87 KB

To receive the report from the meeting held on 20 May 2019.


RECOMMENDED that SACRE notes the findings of the monitoring group meeting.


National Issues impacting Portsmouth Schools:, developments regarding Commission on RE, Ofsted new Framework for school inspections and NASACRE verbal update pdf icon PDF 108 KB

To receive the report regarding the Commission on RE including feedback from meeting held 13 June 2019.


RECOMMENDED that SACRE receive the report on the Commission on RE and consider a mechanism for co-opting a Governor and ITE representative to SACRE





Election of Chair

Former Councillor Ryan Brent and Councillor Suzy Horton were elected as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively at the summer term meeting held on 13 July 2017 for a 2 year period.  These periods of office are therefore up for renewal by the next meeting.


Consideration should therefore be given of nominations for these positions and the timing of the election.



Date and venue of the next meeting

To note the previously agreed dates at 4.30pm:


           Wednesday 20th November - at a school if possible

           Wednesday 18th March 2020 - Civic Offices