Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) - Wednesday, 14th November, 2018 4.30 pm

Venue: Highbury Primary School, Highbury Grove, Cosham, Portsmouth PO6 2RZ

Contact: Joanne Wildsmith (023) 9283 4057  Email:

No. Item


Welcome and Introductions


Apologies for Absence


Moment for Quiet Reflection


Declaration of Members' Interest

Members are asked to identify any pecuniary, prejudicial or personal interests on any matters on the agenda.


Note: Should any indication of an interest arise during the meeting, members are asked to declare at that time, as soon as is practicable.


Minutes of the Previous meeting held on 27 June 2018 pdf icon PDF 77 KB

RECOMMENDED the SACRE agrees the minutes of the previous meeting held 27th June 2018 as a correct record.


Matters Arising from the minutes of 27 June 2018

Members are invited to raise any matters from the minutes that are not otherwise identified on the agenda.



Membership Update

In anticipation of a resignation from the council a new school representative has been invited to attend, to be appointed by the SACRE - Aasha Small from Medina School.


Brief updates or notification of items to be brought to a future meeting

To receive any updates from Members of SACRE.


Note: Items requiring decision will need to be brought to a future meeting.


Monitoring Group Report pdf icon PDF 88 KB

To note the report from the meeting held 8th October 2018.


RECOMMENDED that SACRE receives the report and notes the findings of the monitoring group meeting.


Constitution revision pdf icon PDF 72 KB

The Portsmouth SACRE constitution, as attached, has some changes regarding to how membership is specified and appointed.


RECOMMENDED that the amendments to the Portsmouth SACRE Constitution are accepted.


Additional documents:


Update regarding the implementation of the Agreed Syllabus

To receive a verbal report from Patricia Hannam (SACRE's Professional Adviser) updating SACRE on the implementation of the Agreed Syllabus. Including updates on attendance at networks and other training offered.


Final report of the Commission on RE pdf icon PDF 138 KB

To receive a report from Patricia Hannam (SACRE's Professional Adviser) on the final report of The Commission on RE (CoRE) and verbally on other national matters including REC meeting on 7th November 2018.


SACRE are asked to read the Executive Summary of the Final Report which can be read at :



(1)  The report from the Professional Adviser is noted and;

(2)  The Final report of the Commission on RE recommendations are noted.



Annual report 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 493 KB

To receive the draft Portsmouth SACRE Annual Report 2017/18 - the Professional Adviser's report is to follow.


RECOMMENDED that the Portsmouth SACRE Annual Report is noted and sent to agreed bodies.


Guidance Document for Schools - draft for discussion pdf icon PDF 464 KB

Justine Ball had produced the attached draft guidance document for schools in Portsmouth "Advice to schools on issues that may arise in the teaching of Religious Education, Collective Worship or queries to do with religions and beliefs".  Justine has met with a sub group of SACRE members and received advice from Portsmouth EMAS to bring together this draft document for discussion at the SACRE meeting.


Date and venue of the next meeting

The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday 12th March 2018, starting at 4:30pm.


SACRE members are asked to suggest or volunteer a venue for this meeting, returning to the previously established of hosting at least one meeting a year at a faith venue, a school and the Civic Offices.


An offer to host at a faith venue would be welcomed.


Recommended that the date and venue of the next meeting be noted.