Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)
Thursday, 13th July, 2017 4.30 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Meeting Room 5 - Civic Offices. View directions

Contact: Peter Smith-Parkyn (023) 9268 8361  Email:

Note: Due to the General Election this meeting was postponed from 7 June 2017. 

No. Item


Welcome and Introductions

To welcome new members and introduce other members of the Council.


Moment for Quiet Reflection

Honorary Alderman Tom Blair (Roman Catholic Representative) is invited to lead on the moment for quiet reflection.


Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Declaration of Members' Interest

Members are asked to identify any pecuniary, prejudicial or personal interests on any matters on the agenda.


Note: Should any indication of an interest arise during the meeting, members are asked to declare at that time, as soon as is practicable.


Minutes of the Previous meeting held on 1 March 2017 pdf icon PDF 81 KB

It is recommended the Council agrees the minutes of the previous meeting held 1 March 2017 as a correct record.


Matters Arising from the minutes

Members are invited to raise any matters from the minutes that are not otherwise identified on the agenda.


Brief updates or notification of items to be brought to a future meeting

To receive any updates from Members of SACRE.


Note: Items requiring decision will need to be brought to a future meeting.


Monitoring Group Report pdf icon PDF 106 KB

To endorse the attached Terms of Reference for the Monitoring sub-committee and to note the report from the first meeting held 15 June 2017.


a.         Terms of Reference

b.         Report items 



(1)       that SACRE endorses the Terms of Reference for the Monitoring sub-committee and;

(2)       Notes the findings of the first monitoring group meeting

Additional documents:


Report regarding the implementation of the Agreed Syllabus pdf icon PDF 99 KB

To receive a report from Patricia Hannam (SACRE's Professional Adviser) and to agree the recommendations contained within.


Recommended that

(1)  SACRE receive the report and considers next steps for further implementation and monitoring and;

(2)  a programme for initial training in Living Difference III is planned in the forthcoming academic year and

(3)  New SACRE members attend a SACRE training being offered in Winchester in 19th September


Report on The Commission on RE pdf icon PDF 91 KB

To receive a report from Patricia Hannam (SACRE's Professional Adviser) on the Commission on RE and verbally on other national matters including NASACRE AGM in May.


SACRE are asked to note the Terms of Reference for "The Commission on RE", contained as an appendix.


Recommended that

(1)       The report from the Professional Adviser is noted and;

(2)       The Commission on RE Terms of Reference are noted.

Additional documents:


Verbal Report on the Southampton Guidance Document

To receive a verbal report from Justine Ball* on the Southampton Guidance document referred to in Minute 11 of SACRE Minutes (1 March 2017) and its development in Hampshire.


Portsmouth SACRE is asked to consider producing its own Guidance document.


*Note: Justine Ball works for HIAS with Patricia Hannam.



Recommendation that Portsmouth SACRE develops its own Guidance document for schools.


Appointment of SACRE member to serve as our representative at the South Central HUB

A member of SACRE is sought to volunteer to be Portsmouth's SACRE representative at the South Central HUB.


Patricia Hannam to provide overview and expected commitment requirements (plus a requirement for rep to provide a short written brief to be presented at the next available SACRE meeting).



Recommended that a SACRE member be appointed


The Hallmarks of a successful SACRE pdf icon PDF 101 KB

SAC RE are to review the report from  Patricia Hannam on the Hallmarks of a successful SACRE.


Recommendation that SACRE receive the report and considers forming a Youth SACRE



Election of Chair

Following changes to the Local Authority Representatives, made by Portsmouth City Council's full Cabinet meeting held on 29 June 2017, Councillor Neill Young is no longer a member of SACRE, therefore cannot hold position of chair.


Nominations are invited for the Portsmouth SACRE Chair position for a period no longer than 2 years, as per SACRE constitution (s/he may be re-appointed).


In the event of a contested position, nominations for Chair will be given 5 minutes each to address members of SACRE prior to a ballot vote taking place.


Recommended that a new Chair be proposed, seconded and appointed for a period no longer than 2 years.


Date and venue of the next meeting

The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday 8 November 2017, starting at 4:30pm.


SACRE members are asked to suggest or volunteer a venue for this meeting, returning to the previously established of hosting at least one meeting a year at a faith venue, a school and the Civic Offices.


Recommended that the date and venue od the next meeting be noted.