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Tuesday, 10th July, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - The Guildhall

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Declarations of Interests under Standing Order 13(2)(b)


Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held on 15 May 2018 pdf icon PDF 72 KB

·         the Annual Council meeting held on 15 May 2018;

·         the Adjourned Council meeting held on 15 May 2018.

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Petition - "Bring air pollution in Portsmouth within legal limits" pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Bring air pollution in Portsmouth within legal limits


We ask for the council to


'commit to reducing air pollution in Portsmouth to ensure compliance with legal limits and World Health Organisation guidelines as soon as possible, certainly no later than December 2020, and therefore urgently publish its Air Quality Action Plan for consultation, incorporating quantifiable outcomes to address the city’s illegal and unhealthy air pollution levels'.


The Council’s rules state that as the petition contains more than 1,000 signatures it will be debated by the Full Council (if the lead petitioner so requests and they do) even if the issue has been considered by the Council within the last 24 months and it not a matter the Full Council can determine.


1.    The lead petitioner, Mr Tim Sheerman-Chase will be given six minutes to present the petition at the meeting,


2.    Followed by any public deputations received on this item.


3.    The Administration, via a proposer and seconder, will then present its response to the petition 


4.    The petition will then be discussed by councillors and the normal rules of debate will apply,


Note - As an Executive (Cabinet) matter, the Full Council is precluded from determining the issues raised in the Petition, although of course the petition can still be debated at the Full Council meeting. 




Urgent Business - To receive and consider any urgent and important business from Members of the Cabinet in accordance with Standing Order No 26


Recommendation from Cabinet from its meeting held on 19 June 2018 pdf icon PDF 6 KB

To receive and consider the attached recommendation of the Cabinet held on 19 June 2018 (minute 21 refers).

Notices of Motion: Process information

Standing Order (32(d)) requires a vote by members before each motion to determine whether or not the motion is to be debated at the meeting or stand referred to the Cabinet or relevant Committee (including Scrutiny) to report back to a future meeting.


Notices of Motion



Proposed by Councillor Luke Stubbs

Seconded by Councillor Ryan Brent


As an area that attracts tourists, it is perhaps inevitable that every summer Southsea experiences problems with people staying overnight in campervans parked on the public highway.


While local authorities lack the power to explicitly prohibit people sleeping in campervans, they can impose traffic regulation orders that remove the right to park overnight for vehicles adapted for sleeping in certain locations.


Council requests the Cabinet to investigate whether a policy along these lines could be developed for Portsmouth and what the benefits and disbenefits would be.


Armed Forces Veterans

Proposed by Councillor Matthew Winnington

Seconded by Councillor Lynne Stagg


This council notes with great concern the report from Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) which shows a disturbing disconnect among newer armed forces veterans who feel increasingly alienated in the wider society. 


With shocking figures of almost a quarter of veterans being homeless after leaving the military and over three quarters of ex-military families being in financial hardship this is an indictment of the lack of care governments of all parties have shown for their ex-servicemen and women.


Portsmouth City Council is a proud signatory of the Arms Forces Covenant and as such recognises the importance of welfare for both serving military families and ex-service families within the city. Yet as this report from SSAFA shows and evidence gathered by Public Health the areas that those families need most support in (homelessness, money advice, alcohol support and mental health support) will be subject to Government cuts including £470,000 from the Public Health budget next year.  


This Council therefore resolves to 


·         ask the Armed Forces Champion to continue to work with veteran and other voluntary organisations to provide a coherent plan to deal with these issues as part of the budgetary process.

·         ask the Armed Forces Champion and his representative to write to and lobby government ministers for proper, ongoing funding to support our City's ex-service families and enable us to help then in the areas that time and again affect them, especially as this has been the source of the problems this city and other areas face.

·         continue the positive work that has been done by the people of Portsmouth and their representatives to support service and ex-servicemen and women and their families since the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant in 2012. 


Government Targets For House Building

Proposed by Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Seconded by Councillor Darren Sanders


The City Council is ambitious about building homes for local people, particularly affordable homes, and is positive about the prospects of building new affordable homes year on year.


The City Council is also steadfast in its commitment to protecting public green and open space in the city for residents to enjoy and benefit from having a green environment. There is also considerable concern about the loss of employment land in the city and the consequential loss of jobs.


The City Council notes recent changes to the government’s approach on how the council calculates its target for building new homes. The changes mean that the previously published target of 584 completions per year (based on an assessment of how many homes Portsmouth is deemed to need) in the Portsmouth Local Plan is now 868 completions per year, 19,964 over the lifetime of the local plan. 


The City Council notes that this higher target is based on a Government formula which is the same for all local authorities and is not based on assessing their need for new homes.


Given the significant geographic constraints of being an already densely populated island city, the City Council does not believe it is possible to fulfil the new target for house building as calculated using the new formula.


The City Council therefore requests the Leader of the Council and other Group Leaders to jointly write to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to say that the Government targets for house building should reflect what can be delivered. The City Council also asks the Leader to write to both Portsmouth MPs to ask for their support for this approach.


Questions from Members under Standing Order No 17