Full Council
Tuesday, 21st March, 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - The Guildhall

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To receive and consider the attached report and recommendations of the Cabinet meeting held on 9 March 2017.

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To receive and consider the attached recommendations from the Governance & Audit & Standards Committee meeting held on 3 March 2017.

Notices of Motion: Process information

Standing Order (32(d)) requires a vote by members before each motion to determine whether or not the motion is to be debated at the meeting or stand referred to the Cabinet or relevant Committee (including Scrutiny) to report back to a future meeting.


Notices of Motion

(a)          Dial-a-Ride


Proposed by Councillor Jim Fleming

Seconded by Councillor Luke Stubbs


"Pompey Dial-a-Ride is a service which many elderly and disabled residents rely upon for their transport needs.


Since its formation it had been in receipt of revenue funding and grants from Portsmouth City Council to continue its operations.


However, due to the hard work of Tracey Jones, and others who have been assisting the business, along with support from Council Officers, it has increased its customer base and has recently become a Community Interest Company.


This Council would like to congratulate Tracey and all those involved in working with Pompey Dial-a-Ride for its efforts to ensure it has a sustainable future."


(b)          Transparency in Council Meetings


Proposed by Councillor Luke Stubbs

Seconded by Councillor Steve Hastings


"The broadcasting of Full Council meetings has been a success. Since July 2015, when live and on-demand streaming began, each meeting has been watched (at least in part) between 400 and 2500 times. This is far more than can physically fit in the council chamber and is far in excess of expectations.


Council notes that the cost of recording equipment continues to fall. It also notes that members of the public now sometimes record cabinet and committee meetings and it welcomes this development: it sees it as a sign that there is unmet demand to access video of these meetings from the wider community.


Council therefore resolves to ask the Cabinet Member for Resources to bring forward a report on the broadcasting of cabinet and committee meetings and in the event that a change to standing orders is required the matter is referred to Governance & Audit & Standards Committee before reporting back to Council."


(c)          Hampshire Fire Service


Proposed Councillor Steve Pitt

Seconded Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson


"This Council welcomes Hampshire Fire Service's adoption of changes proposed by the Fire Brigades Union, to the pre-determined attendance (PDA) procedures for tall building fires in Portsmouth.


The previous policy, implemented following last year's Hampshire Risk Review, meant that Southsea's Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP) was not on the PDA for tall buildings fires. As a result, there were occasions when Portsmouth was dependent on Southampton's ALP to provide cover, whilst Southsea's remained at the fire station.


At the time of the Risk Review, this Council was warned that such an issue would arise but decided to ignore the FBU's concerns.


In order to provide a solution, the FBU proposed crewing changes to their management, which have now been fully implemented, enabling Southsea's ALP to be deployed in almost all circumstances.


The council wishes to thank the FBU for its sensible and pragmatic approach to solving the problem, and regrets that it did not listen to the city's FBU representatives, when they brought a deputation to Full Council last year.


The council recognises that the solution of 'triple-jumping' a crew onto the ALP is not ideal and thanks the FBU for proposing changes to its established working practices, which have enabled this to be possible, in order to better guarantee their safety and the safety of the people of Portsmouth.


Finally, this council wishes to thank Hampshire Fire Service management for agreeing to make the changes proposed by the FBU and for working constructively with them to implement the new policy."


(d)          Royal Marines Museum


Proposed Councillor Matthew Winnington

Seconded Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson


"Portsmouth City Council expresses its concern about the early closure of the Royal Marines Museum on 1st April 2017. This was announced with less than two months' notice, it having previously been intimated that the museum would be open until at least 2018. There has been no sufficient notice given of this new early closure date to ward councillors or immediate local residents which has given little opportunity to prepare for this major adjustment within the Eastney area.


The closure will leave Portsmouth without a Royal Marines Museum for three years which in the meantime means that the only part of the museum collection on display we are told will be a single display in the Historic Dockyard.


This council therefore resolves that it expresses its disappointment to the National Museum of the Royal Navy for the very short notice of the closure of the museum and the concern that the city will be without a Royal Marines Museum for the long period of three years with no clear information about the display that will temporarily be in its place in the interim or the new museum in the Historic Dockyard.


Portsmouth City Council also reiterates its support as stated last summer in the motion proposed by Cllrs Luke Stubbs and Jenny Brent for the Yomper Statue to stay in situ in perpetuity outside the old Barracks. The Council additionally requests that the National Museum of the Royal Navy at the earliest possible time make aware and consult local residents, ward councillors and people across the city on the plans for the future use of the current Royal Marines Museum building."


Questions from Members under Standing Order No 17 pdf icon PDF 81 KB