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Update on Bransbury Park new Leisure Centre (for information)

Meeting: 10/02/2023 - Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development (Item 10)

10 Update on Bransbury Park new Leisure Centre (information report) pdf icon PDF 118 KB


To provide the Cabinet Member with a high-level summary of the Bransbury Park leisure centre project status and to demonstrate continued business justification for the project.



David Moorman, Sports & Leisure Development Manager, introduced the report. 


Councillor Pitt said that the rise in interest rates and the crash in markets in September last year had affected this project.  Local authorities are trying to deliver important infrastructure for residents and local jobs to help rebuild the economy.  The rise in raw material costs has also had a significant impact on infrastructure projects so the fact that the authority is in a position where we are able to move forward with reasonable confidence is pleasing.  A contribution from Sport England would be sought and also a small contribution from the youth investment fund towards the cost of this project. Councillor Pitt added that there are a couple of costs within the £16.9 million that officers continue to interrogate regularly to try to bring down.


Members echoed these comments regarding the pressures affecting the project. They were conscious that there is a shortfall on the project subject to successful funding from Sports England and the Youth Investment Fund, so it was imperative that these criteria are met to secure this funding.

It was also felt that the potential of a new GP surgery on the site would be welcomed as there is a shortfall in the city.  Councillor Pitt said that early conversations had taken place with GP services in the area and a decision would need to be made soon on whether this is something the NHS want to proceed with. 


The Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development noted the report.



The Chair thanked officers for their reports and members for their comments.