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Wellbeing Servicce - Annual Performance Report

Meeting: 07/07/2020 - Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing & Social Care (Item 11)

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The report is for information only and the purpose is to update the Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing & Social Care as to the Wellbeing Service's Annual Performance Report.



The Cabinet Member noted the report. The report is for information only so is not subject to call-in.


Alan Knobel, Health Development Manager, and Helen Simmons, Wellbeing Service Manager, introduced the report, which was originally due to be considered at the cancelled March meeting, and explained how services have been adapted during Covid 19. The report covers up to the end of 2019. There are just over 3,000 referrals annually, mainly from primary care and self-referrals. Demographics have also been stable for four years and are mostly male. Progress has been made in getting people to engage with the Service after referrals. Successes include brief interventions with those at increasing risk of alcohol abuse, and bespoke courses, for example, for midwives having difficult conversations around BMI, smoking or substance misuse.


The Long Term Condition Hub Pilot, designed to help people manage long-term health conditions, started in December but has halted due to Covid 19. Since March there have been about 245 active clients, for whom telephone and Zoom support have worked well. A smoking cessation service for homeless people in the Ibis Hotel had 72 people signed up as at 1 July, of whom 14 stopped altogether. Many feel safer in their rooms and feel healthier. More may have signed up as there are now homeless people in the Ibis 2 and Hope House. Wellbeing services are due to be established in New Road and Foster Road in the next couple of weeks. Alan Knobel thanked Helen Simmons for overseeing a period of transformation where referrals were stable but with about half the original number of staff.


In response to questions officers clarified


During Covid 19 the Wellbeing Service's new ways of working may strengthen its resilience and sustainability in the face of increased demand. Working at home has brought efficiencies such as reduced travel time. Three telephone appointments take the same amount of time as one face-to-face one. The Service hopes to resume face-to-face appointments; weight management clients want to be weighed. However, the long-term impact is uncertain. The situation regarding alcohol is unknown as it is unsure whether increased drinking might decrease when more normality returns.


Members congratulated the Wellbeing Service on their work. The Cabinet Member said the Service was a professional team and a fantastic free resource for Portsmouth residents, some of whose success stories had featured on television. The Service needs financial support as it has a positive impact on the community. 


The Cabinet Member noted the report. The report is for information only so is not subject to call-in.