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Orkney Road Parking Bay (TRO/2016)

Meeting: 17/07/2017 - Cabinet Member for Traffic & Transportation (Item 4)

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The report by the Director of Transport, Environment & Business Support, follows the deferral of a report by the previous portfolio holder in November 2016. The purpose is to reconsider the original proposal and the consultation responses to the proposed re-siting of a 2-space parking bay within The Heights residents' parking zone (BB).


RECOMMENDED that the parking provision in Orkney Road is reinstated, by way of the 2-space parking bay opposite No.15A as proposed.


That the parking provision in Orkney Road be reinstated, by way of the 2-space parking bay opposite No.15A as proposed.


Pam Turton, Assistant Director of Transport, Environment & Business Support presented the report, which had been deferred from a previous Traffic & Transportation meeting in November 2016 but with the same recommendation coming forward for consideration at this meeting.


The following deputations were made, whose points are summarised:


i)             Mr Sandy, spoke in support:

·         These are two replacement parking bays as two had been lost when works took place for the new access road (at the former Children's Home site)

·         There is a lack of on street parking in the area

·         Some residents in the area had paved over their gardens for parking spaces so the area was losing greenery for concrete

·         He supported the TRO as per the report

(Mr Sandy had also submitted a written deputation, and there were 2 further written deputations in support of the proposal to replace the parking spaces)


ii)            Mr Dawson, spoke to object:

·         Car doors would open straight onto his property as there was no pavement to protect it

·         People would step straight out onto his property and trample his plants

·         He may need a fence but the design was open plan

·         There is pavement the other side of the road


iii)           Mr M Smith, spoke to object:

·         He had recently bought his property and these spaces would be directly opposite his driveway

·         His father had come to the last meeting and he had not been notified of this one and only found out from another neighbour

·         This would restrict access by emergency services to the road

·         There was adequate spaces on driveways to accommodate visiting workmen's vehicles

·         People were able to pave their frontage

·         He had not been informed of the proposal when purchasing his property and it had not shown on the legal searches for the property


iv)           Mr Fitzgerald, spoke to object:

·         He was unhappy that photos of his builders parking on double yellow lines had been submitted, but this was unusual to have double-parking

·         Workmen would usually use driveways - some drives could accommodate 4 cars

·         There was more space up the other end of the road if parking was wanted there, as he felt in his stretch the driveways accommodated the needs of residents


Councillor Stagg, as spokesperson, could see both sides of the need for extra parking spaces for visitors/tradespeople but sympathised regarding Mr Dawson's garden being trodden on.


Alan Cufley, Director of Transport, Environment & Business Support gave further clarifications:

·         pavements adjacent to carriageways were not always part of housing estate developments

·         the spaces had been advertised in the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO 48) back in 2016

·         He confirmed that no retrospective action could be taken against any infringements referred to within the deputations

·         The 2 spaces were always planned to be replaced (and were reviewed by the Planning Committee in June 2015)

·         The 5 written objections were from Orkney Road with the 7 representations in support coming from across the estate, including 4 from Orkney Road.


Councillor Bosher wished to have reassurance regarding emergency vehicle access to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4